Ayurvedic Lifestyle – Healthy today and tomorrow

Ayurvedic Lifestyle

The health status of people around the world hasn’t seen much advancement despite technological advances. Although western allopathic medicines have come a long way in treating these diseases, this is just a solution to your problems. But what if you wouldn’t want to face the problem in the first place? 

Ayurveda is the science of life that inculcates rules, regimes, and lifestyle activities that help you maintain good health today and tomorrow. Through Ayurveda, you can live a life free from diseases and disorders. 

Ayurvedic lifestyle involves following a daily routine called Dinacharya and a seasonal routine called Ritucharya. Our daily routine has been constructed according to the doshas that are dominant during the day. For instance, your main meal of the day should be in the afternoon as Pota dosha is dominant at this hour. Hence, the digestion will be better. Moreover, one must go to bed by 10 pm as the Pitta Dosha is dominant from 10 pm to 2 am. You must have noticed yourself, binge eating at late hours. Now you know why… 

Similarly, the time period between 6 pm to 10 pm is dominated by Kapha Dosha, which induces heaviness in the body that leads to sound sleep by 10 pm. To feel energetic and fresh, one must wake up before the sun rises as this time is dominated by Vata Dosha. This helps to keep the body movement flexible and light. Make sure to get quality sleep for better physical and psychological health.

You must have noticed that with every change in season, you may fall sick. To prevent this, you can follow the Ritucharya regime. During the spring season, Kapha Dosha dominates, bringing in heaviness. Therefore one must exercise and avoid sleeping during the daytime. In summers, Pitta Dosha dominates, bringing in heat. One must avoid exposure to the sun, overexertion, and heavy clothing. Vata dosha accumulates in the Winter season and brings dry cold weather. One must indulge in oil massages, regular sun exposure, and heavy clothing during this season. 

If you are looking for better health and psychological well being, confidently adopt the Ayurvedic lifestyle. It’s the best, commonly available, and budget-friendly option for leading a healthy lifestyle.

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