Re-Connect with ancient food practices for a healthier lifestyle

Food made from using ancient ayurvedic practices that is Better for you and the planet

What Makes Sarvayu Out of the Ordinary?

Beyond Organic

Beyond Organic

Procuring food from ancient and traditional practices is beyond organic. Harness the power of traditional techniques through Sarvayu.

Ancient Practices

Embrace Ancient Practices

We derive all the food products from Vedic practices that don’t harm any creature from cultivating to harvesting. 

Sarvayu Healthier Lifestyle

Cultivate Healthier Lifestyle

We bring the essence of ancient practices by cultivating a healthier lifestyle.

Sarvayu Goodness

Retains Goodness

As the products are brought out from traditional practices harming no creatures, it retains goddess, purity, and high nutritional values.

It all started when I lost my dearest ones...

The sense of health consciousness started when I lost two of my dear friends at 26 and 29. Surprisingly, both of my friends were hit by heart attacks. This alarmed me.

Being a doctor for several years, I came across millennials suffering from diabetes, hypertension, cardiac diseases, and other dreadful diseases. Simultaneously, I was even surprised to see people who are healthier and active in their early 70s or 80s.Read More…

Our Products

Avail of 100% pure honey extracted from forested honeycomb. The no added preservatives, chemicals, adulterated techniques, and water retains the goodness of honey and its medicinal properties. Fill your kitchen with natural honey procured from ancient practices.

Introducing ENDUVIT: The exquisite blend of handmade, extensively researched, and locally sourced ingredients. Unlock the power of Ayurveda with this daily elixir for vitality & endurance. Experience its delicious taste while enjoying remarkable health benefits for a balanced and energized life.

We work with more than 200+ Farmers & Tribal communities in 5 states to bring you highest quality food

We are not following any trends but Re-Introducing the knowledge of Ayurveda for Humanity to make our as well as next Generations more healthier than ever.


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I bought these on advice from a friend and I have not regretted it – they are very very good for immune support and overall health. I feel pretty good after drinking."


"Great taste, I love Immunity Shot for rehydration & adding an immune booster to it. It is perfect for winter months."


"Great product, it has all the essential multivitamins plus Ayurvedic herbal supplements that really make a difference in boosting your immune system."

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