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Sarvayu- Restore Ancient Ayurvedic Practices

“Get food products filled with goodness and purity derived from ancient ayurvedic practices.”

Sarvayu is a most authentic platform offering food products from raw honey to immunity-boosting supplements derived from nature. Sarvayu brings you reliable, transparent, 100% natural handpicked products derived from ancient ayurvedic practices for a healthier and cherishing life. You get more nutritional and handpicked food products at your doorstep that are free from harmful chemicals, adulteration, genetic modifications, and animal abuse practices.

What We Do?

“Sarvayu procures natural and traditionally processed food products retaining high nutritional value, goodness, and purity from forests and agricultural lands.”

Our food store offers natural food products, from staple food items to ingredients derived from traditional practices free from preservatives, synthetic chemicals, contaminated foods, and artificial flavourings. We offer 100% natural products grown in blessed nature through ancient ayurvedic practices.

We procure the resources and ingredients from tribal regions from the Satpura hills. After thorough and intense research about farming, food culturing practices, and production increasing practices in the tribal area, we decided to sell the products. All the products are carefully handpicked from the farms and forests. Hence, they are safe and healthier to consume. 

With a high proportion of crummy and contaminated products in the market, it’s strenuous to locate a natural one. Now, it’s easier to choose healthier and natural food products. Pick out the raw ingredients cultivated from ancient principles and practices.

Meet the Founder

Dr. Akshay Shrinath is an Ex- ICU Intensivist, Ex- ICMR scientist, an intern at Multiple medical NGOs, ayurvedic as well as  civil hospital, and finally, the founder of Sarvayu. On a mission to deliver ancient practices accessible to everyone, he started Sarvayu and has been offering food products derived from ancient practices.

After completing his graduation in BAMS and Masters in Public Health in Social Epidemiology from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, his concern for individual health drove him to offer food products prepared from ancient practices that retain goodness, purity, and clarity in life.

Our Promise

We assure 100% pure and natural products from agricultural lands, forests, hills, and mountains without using chemicals, preservatives, or other synthetically derived substances. We bring out the products with complete research, development, and testing through ancient Ayurvedic practices. Sarvayu stores shall bring authentic, natural, and reliable products that retain all the nutritional values and make your life better than yesterday.

Our Story

“Sarvayu was born out of a passion for serving people with sattvic food products. We ensure to provide revitalizing food products filled with goodness at your doorstep.”

Dr. Akshay Shrinath, the founder of Sarvayu, lost two of his close friends at the early age of 26 and 29. Surprisingly, both of them died of cardiac arrest. Losing someone you love the most isn’t easy and simple. Akshay took inspiration and motivation from the death of his two close friends and decided to help millennials with dreadful diseases. But how?

After deep research and study, he found lifestyle habits influencing the disease’s occurrence on the person. Back in the day, people used to take nourished, sattvic, and chemical-free food from ayurvedic practices. Whereas, in the present world, with increasing demand and population, food quality has been devastating with chemicals, preservatives, and synthetic ingredients.

Have you ever wondered how an old lady bites and crushes the sturdy nuts? Have you ever seen an older man actively jumping, running, and walking on busy roads? It’s surprising to see people in their 30s suffer from diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases. In contrast, people in their early 60s or 70s enjoy life as if they are just 20 years old.

Considering all these scenarios, Dr. Akshay Shrinath firmly decided to offer nutritious and natural food products derived from ancient ayurvedic practices. Sarvayu is born out of a passion for serving people nutritious and natural food that makes you feel energized and healthier.

What do you get?

“Sattvic food products from blessed nature.”

We work hard to provide you best for your health. At Sarvayu, you get a complete set of natural products without harmful chemicals or preservatives. Avail of a bunch of natural kitchenette products from staple foods to essential ingredients to healthier supplements.

Professional Doctor Guidance

As the Sarvayu is led by the experienced doctor, Dr. Akshay Shrinath, you get reliable and authentic advice from the doctor. Get free guidance from the most experienced epidemiology practitioners about health, food products, and preventive measures.

Quality Food

You get high-quality and safe food products. We make sure to deliver fresh and hygienic products. In the pandemic era, we assure high safety and security standards to prevent viruses and germs.

Chemical-Free Food

All the products at the Sarvayu are chemical-free and procured from ancient ayurvedic practices. As the products are 100% natural and pure, they pave a wellness path in your busier urban lifestyle.

Fast Delivery

We understand the importance of the products available at the Sarvayu store for your healthier life. So, we strive to deliver all the products as soon as possible without any delay.

Our Mission

When the Entire world is moving forward to achieve a Better future, we Stepped back and embraced our roots. We derived the information from our ancestors for a healthy tomorrow.
Our mission is to make the traditional science of Ayurveda Available, Affordable and Accessible for today’s as well as future generations. We believe in providing well-researched, superior quality products that establish a trust towards Ayurveda globally.


Our Vision

To achieve health and wellbeing with Science of Ayurveda for individuals all over the world, now and for the future generations.

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