Curated by Vaidyas

Sarvayu A2 Gir Cow vedic Ghee 525 ml

Sarvayus A2 Gir Cow Vedic Ghee has been freshly made using A2 cow & milk that is free from antibiotics and hormones. The Bilona method of making this Ghee imparts sattvic qualities for good health.


Sarvayu brings you pure unadulterated ayurvedic turmeric powder that is rich in curcumin and detoxifies the body. Our turmeric powder is procured from fertile
lands and is unprocessed & unadulterated.


Sarvayu Immunity Shot comes with the goodness of Ashwagandha, Guduchi, and Amala. This immunity shot helps to develop a stronger immune system
and eliminates frequent episodes of flu and illness.


Purify is an ayurvedic health drink by Sarvayu for imparting a golden skin glow. Made out of Manjistha, Coconut Water, and Turmeric, it detoxifies the blood, reduces menstrual cramps, and improves skin complexion.


HeartBeet is Sarvayu’s ayurvedic health beverage that contributes to a sound heart and mind. Made out of several natural ingredients like Beetroot, Arjuna, and
Ashwagandha, it helps relieve stress and tension.